GPSTester 1.0.1

Verify your GPS links

GPSTester is a GPS library sample program which can test and verify the connectivity between your Palm handheld and your Bluetooth GPS receiver. It shows NMEA sentences recieved, current fix details such as latitude, longitude, speed, no. of satellites being tracked, fixed quality, etc.

Some of the features of GPSTester include:

  • Supports Bluetooth SPP GPS receivers
  • Supports NMEA 0183
  • Displays NMEA sentences received
  • Cold start GPS receiver

Shows fix details such as:

  • current position (WGS84 latitude/longitude)
  • speed (km/hour)
  • date and time
  • course (degree)
  • altitude (meter)
  • no. of satellites being tracked
  • no. of satellites in view
  • fix quality (no fix, 2D fix, 3D fix)
  • satellite ID and signal strenth (0-99dbHz)

Handy tool for testing your GPS connectivity.

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GPSTester 1.0.1

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